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School parents Luis Patricio and Gabor Sass invite parents and children to either bike or walk a block to school together on the first and third Mondays of each month. 

Walk a block: Parking at Gunn or Irwin Street, you are 3 minutes away from the school. But if you are feeling inspired, you could park at Gibbons Park and walk over the bridge. That would be an 8-minute walk.

Bike to school: A great way to witness the coming season up close on your way to school. Our traditional meeting point is at Ivey Park (Forks), leaving at 8:15.

You can access our LWS Active School Travel map for more details. If you need more information, please contact Luis Patricio ( or join his email list at
Please note that every child still needs to be dropped off by parents directly at the school.


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