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At the London Waldorf School, there are many festivals and celebratory events throughout the year. Some of these occasions are school-wide, with adults and children invited to participate, and others are specifically for certain ages or classes.  Watch for communications from your child's class teacher, as well as listings in the weekly and monthly newsletters, and on the school calendar.

Day One Assembly

First day of school. Each class is given an enticing look at some aspect of their curriculum for the coming year. The first day assembly ends with a welcome to the entering students. The "Rose Ceremony" is a special memory for each incoming student, as an eighth grader presents a rose to each first grader, establishing a bond that will continue throughout the years .

Community Potluck Picnic at Gibbons Park

First Friday of the school year.

Michaelmas Festival

On or near September 29, the festival of Michaelmas, in which children experience the image of good overcoming evil in the reenactment of the hero subduing the dragon, is celebrated with a play. Celebrating Michaelmas reminds us of the value of hard work, steadfastness, strength, and courage.

Martinmas Lantern Walk

November. Two separate lantern walks are held: one for children in the preschool/kindergarten and one for children in Grades 1 through Grade Three. At dusk, children gather in the playground with their parents. The children are then led on a short walk by their teachers, carrying lighted lanterns they have prepared, in a procession through the darkened garden and into Gibbons Park. As they walk, they sing songs about lighting the darkness. Each light carried in the dark signifies the inner light we must hold throughout the long, dark winter.

Handmade for the Holidays

London Waldorf School cordially invites you to our annual holiday shopping event, which takes place in November. We are excited to showcase many local artisans and vendors with unique products for you to enjoy, the school store with natural material children's toys, as well as a school run cafe with dinner, and baked goods! 

St. Nicholas Day

December 6th. St. Nicholas makes a surprise visit to each classroom and leaves a special treat of oranges or cookies for each child.

Winter Fair

Winter Fair provides families and friends an opportunity to join together for an afternoon of fun and seasonal activities including delicious food and a engaging children's activities such as crafts, "Gnome's Journey," candle dipping, and storytelling. The festival is organized by the Parent Association and supported by the entire parent body.

Spiral Garden

Sunday in late November or early December. A beautiful, quiet and meditative celebration that focuses on the inner light amidst winter darkness. Children in our preschool/kindergarten program will walk around a spiral of evergreen boughs to the centre where they will receive a lit lantern. On their return journey through the spiral they will place their lantern amongst the crystals and other treasures in the spiral.

Santa Lucia

December 13. Santa Lucia ( the oldest eighth grade girl) visits each class in her white dress and crown of light, bringing a plate of cookies and a song.

December All-Grades Assembly

In December, the last day of school before the holiday break. The December Assembly is a festive occasion where family, friends and the community are invited to attend. The grade school demonstrates some of their work in the forms of music, recitation, math games and more.

Class Plays

Throughout the school year. Class plays are always a highlight of the school year. The plays start small in the younger grades, generally for just parents to watch , but grow in scope, audience and venue as they move through the grades. In the older grades, an evening is usually set aside to perform the play, complete with full costume and sets.

Grandparents and Special Friends Day

In early May. Grandparents and friends of children in Grades One through Three may visit the classrooms and attend an assembly dedicated to them.


The first Sunday in May. An annual festival that provides an opportunity to join together as a community to celebrate spring with a Maypole Dance performance by the Grade Four class, children's activities , and delicious food. The festival is organized by the Parent Association and supported by the entire parent body.

The Olympiad

Late May. The fifth grade studies ancient history, including ancient Greece. It is common for the Olympiad to coincide with the study of Greek history in the main lesson. Our students join other Waldorf Schools in the Great Lakes area where ancient Olympiad competitions are held. Events include the classic pentathlon: javelin, discus, the 100- yard dash, Greco-Roman wrestling, and the long jump. Honour and integrity in sportsmanship are celebrated.

Whitsun Festival

Early June.  A festival celebrating both unity and diversity.  A celebration of our ability to understand each other.  At the weekly assembly, we will use the text of an old verse which is translated by parents in our community to many other languages.


Mid-June. Families, teachers and students celebrate the graduation of eighth grade students, many who have been in the school for 11 years. Recognition of student accomplishments and remembrances of their journey together are celebrated.

The Year-End Assembly

Last day of school. The final assembly of the year includes performances by each class. Family, friends and members of the community are invited to attend.

June Rose Ceremony

During the Year-End Assembly. Mirroring the opening Rose Ceremony, each eighth grader receives a rose from a first grader.

Community Potluck Picnic

Last day of school, at Gibbons Park.


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