Deadlines for Registration and Waitlist Policies


Current families* who would like to maintain their child’s spot in our Toddler, Preschool or Kindergarten programs, have until February 28th to return their:

o signed tuition agreement

o post-dated cheques (unless paying by automatic withdrawal)

o registration deposit ($250 per child to a maximum of $500)

o ATP forms and supporting documentation (if applicable)

This year, we have a limited number of 2-day, 3-day and 5-day spots in our ECE program and they are filled on a first come, first served basis starting February 1st. If you have a need for a specific number of days, we strongly encourage you to return your tuition agreement as soon as possible after receiving it.

Anyone not signing back their tuition agreement by the end of February will lose their priority and will be placed at the end of the waitlist if and when they return their tuition agreement.

After February 28th spots will be offered to applicants in the wait pool. Parents will be notified of an available spot by phone and will be given three business days to sign a tuition agreementÂ…. This process may take up to March 27th.

For All Applications

All paperwork must be complete and the application fee paid for the application to be considered.
Teachers will review all applications and then schedule an interview.

All applications received are subject to an interview and determination by the Teacher that the child is ready for the program, the family is willing to work with the Waldorf philosophy, and that the school is able to meet the needs of the child. Students accepted into the program will be offered a place in class if one is available or be placed on the waitlist if not.

Families are required to complete a financial contract and submit a deposit of $250 per child up to a maximum of $500 per family within three (3) business days of receiving notification that the child has been accepted in order to secure their space in class. The tuition adjustment process may be entered into at this point if required. 

Unsecured spaces will be opened to the wait pool.

Families in the wait pool will be notified as soon as a space becomes available.  At any time, a family could ascertain the position of their child on the waitlist without violating the privacy and confidentiality of the children above them on the list.


Accessible Tuition Program (ATP)

In order to be eligible for a tuition adjustment, families must remit all ATP paperwork within 15 calendar days of receiving notification that the child has been accepted. Also, the fee adjustment conversation must take place and the contract must be finalized before the child joins the class. 

NEW FAMILIES ONLY: For children applying to the Early Years Program (but not including Senior Kindergarten), where the proposed fee adjustment would result in the actual agreement amount for that child being less than 30% of full tuition, a spot cannot be guaranteed at the time of application. Spots will be offered on a lottery basis after March 31st (if there is a spot available).

Parents with children on the waitlist and whose applications are under consideration are encouraged to learn more about Waldorf education and to attend parent education talks and introductory events. 

London Waldorf School has written this policy with the following considerations in mind: fair and timely assessment of applications, and creating healthy classes with a view to long-term enrolment stability.

We do not accept fees to be placed on our waitlist.

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