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Human Development Course 

Human Development

After a 7-week session this past fall of “Child Observation,” the first part of the My Child Myself series, the second 7-week part will be offered in the Winter Term.  It will start in the week of January 27, Mondays at 9:30am, at the apartment of Connie White in Cherryhill. It is called “Human Development,” and presents the seven-year cycles in our own biography, with a view to how these will relate to the biography of our child.  It includes artistic exercises, brings many insights, and can be sobering as well as a lot of fun.

If you have taken the Child Observation course in the past, or even if you haven’t, this course may be of interest to you. Space is limited, but as a minimum of four participants is needed to run the course, please indicate soon if you would like to register and if you are able to attend on those mornings.

~Carol Lewis and Connie White

NALM, the New Adult Learning Movement, is a network of people who dedicate themselves to  investigating learning and change based on seven processes.  These processes are being used by adult educators, personal coaches, mentors, therapists, and community and organizational innovators all over the world.  They are the basis of the “My Child Myself” series currently offered in London.
More information on NALM events in our area is available on the website www.newadultlearning.com.

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